Volume of Rectangular Prism Calculator

Using this rectangular prism volume calculator, you can easily calculate the volume of a rectangular prism (cuboid). This online calculator is designed specifically for calculating the volume of rectangular prism geometries. A prism is a polyhedron (solid) with a congruent and parallel base and top, as well as parallel and identical cross sections to the … Read more

Volume of Triangular Pyramid Calculator

You can simply calculate the volume of any triangular pyramid using this triangle pyramid calculator. A triangular pyramid is a geometric solid with a triangular base and triangles having a common vertex on all three lateral faces. Triangular pyramids can be regular, irregular, or right-angled. A triangular pyramid is made up of three primary parts. … Read more

Volume of Torus Calculator

Have you ever tried to figure out how big a tire tube or donut is? If that’s the case, then this torus volume calculator is made just for you. You can quickly calculate the volume of torus-shaped objects with this calculator. The torus is a doughnut-shaped three-dimensional figure that is generated when a circle is … Read more

Volume of Sphere Calculator

With the help of this sphere volume calculator, calculating the volume of a sphere has never been easier. Simply enter the spherical shape’s radius, and this tool will calculate its circumference and volume in a blink of an eye. Spheres, also known as spherical solids, are three-dimensional objects made up of identically spaced points. For … Read more

Volume of Cylinder Calculator

Easily find the volume of any cylindrical-shaped object just by entering its height and radius in our cylinder volume calculator. Cylinders, also known as circular solids, are three-dimensional objects made up of two similar circles joined together by a tube. In the above cylinder figure, ‘r’ represents the radius of the cylinder and ‘h’ represents … Read more

Volume of Cone Calculator

Finding the volume of a cone has never been easier thanks to this online cone volume calculator. To calculate the volume of a cone, simply enter the height and radius of the conical shape. Cones are three-dimensional objects with a circle at one end and a point at the other. A triangular solid is formed by … Read more

Central Angle Calculator

If you’re looking for a web tool to help you determine the central angle of circle, you’ve come to the right place. Simply enter the radius and arc length into this central angle calculator to determine the circle’s central angle. When angles or polygons are drawn inside circles, a central angle is any angle whose vertex is … Read more

Reference Angle Calculator

You may quickly obtain the acute angle that corresponds to the angle entered in this reference angle calculator. The reference angle is the angle formed by the terminal side and the x-axis positioned between them. It’s the smallest angle that the provided angle’s terminal side can make with the x-axis. It must be less than … Read more

Conjugate Angles Calculator

If you’re wondering how to calculate the conjugate angle of a given angle, don’t worry; we’ve created a special conjugate angles calculator to help you out. Calculate the conjugate angle of any desired angle with this calculator. If the addition of 2 angles result as 360°, then they can be called as conjugate angles. Using … Read more