Absence Percentage Calculator (Absenteeism)

Using this simple absence percentage calculator, you can easily track the overall absent rate of your company’s personnel.

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Absence Percentage Calculator Use

  • This online calculator is incredibly easy to use.
  • Fill in the first field with the total number of employees employed by the firm.
  • Enter the total number of workdays in a given year in the second field. Make sure to subtract weekends and national holidays from that year’s calendar.
  • In the third field, put the total number of all employees who were absent throughout that year.
  • The absence rate in percentage will be calculated from the entered values in the final field.

How to Find Employee Absenteeism

Our absence rate calculator uses the formula below to calculate the percentage of all employees who are absent in a given period.

absence percentage formula

How to Find Employee Absence Rate

Running a large or even a small business or corporation is not an easy task. Another major issue is keeping track of the absence rate of all employees in a given company. To address this issue, we developed a simple online application to assist you in keeping track of your employees’ absence rates.

Keeping track of the same manually is also not tough. With a basic example, we will illustrate the technique of estimating employee absence rate.


Calculate the absenteeism rate of a small IT firm in 2021. The company employs a total of 360 people. In the year 2021, there were 120 absence days among 300 employees. Assume there are 6 national holidays in the year 2021.

Solution :

Given data :

Total employees = 300
Absence days = 120

Two of the three values required to compute the absence rate are already provided in the problem. We must now calculate the total number of work days based on the information provided.

Total national holidays in 2021 = 6
Total weekends (saturdays & sundays) = 52 + 52 = 104
Total days in the year 2021 = 365

Total workdays = 365 – (104+6) = 255 days

Using the above absence rate formula,

Absence Rate = (Total days absent/Number of employees × Number of workdays) × 100
Absence Rate = (120/300 × 255) × 100
Absence Rate = 0.1568627450980392 %