Addition Calculator

Using this addition calculator, you may quickly calculate the sum of large addends. This calculator can add up to four numbers.

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Addend in Addition

When the series of numbers are added together they are called as addends. The result of their addition is referred to as the sum. It’s possible that more than two addends are involved.

Addend + Addend = Sum

To calculate the total of 8 + 2 + 5, for example, we add the numbers 8 and 2 together to get 10, and then add the 10 to 5 to get 15. Alternatively, when mentally adding numbers, we might learn the skill of first organising them into pairs that add up to ten, because it is simple to add numbers onto ten.

6 + 9 = 6 + (4 + 5), Splitting 9 up into 4 + 5
= (6 + 4) + 5, Combining the 6 with the 4 to make 10
= 10 + 5
= 15

Addition Calculator Use

  • This calculator is simple and quick to use.
  • Simply enter the values in the required fields to obtain the total of addends (numbers).
  • If you wish to add two numbers, enter one addend in the number 1 field and another in the number 2 field; similarly, if you want to add three or four numbers, repeat the process.
  • Once you’ve input the addends, the calculator will show you the sum of the values you’ve entered.

Addition Formula

The formula to sum or add two numbers is described below.

addition formula


We will understand the concept of adding numbers by following day-to-day examples.

Example 1 :

Lucky has 8 strawberry-flavored candy, whereas Mike has 5 watermelon-flavored candies. How many candies do they have together?

Solution :

Candies Lucky have : 8 candies
Candies Mike have : 5 candies

Total Candies = 8+5 = 13 candies

Example 2 :

Selena celebrated her 14th birthday with a lavish celebration. She received numerous gifts, some of which included money. Her uncle gave her a 100 dollars. Her next-door neighbors handed her $50, and his grandfather gave her $200 to buy a new smartphone. How much money did she receive as a birthday gift?

Solution :

Uncle gifted = 100$
Neighbor’s gifted = 50$
Grandfather gifted = 200$

Total Money Selena Received = 100 + 50 + 200 = 350$