Volume of Cylinder Calculator

Easily find the volume of any cylindrical-shaped object just by entering its height and radius in our cylinder volume calculator.

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Cylinders, also known as circular solids, are three-dimensional objects made up of two similar circles joined together by a tube.

right cylinder

In the above cylinder figure, ‘r’ represents the radius of the cylinder and ‘h’ represents the height of the cylinder.

Volume of Cylinder Calculator Use

  • To calculate the volume of cylindrical shaped items, use this cylinder volume calculator.
  • Select the shape of the cylinder from the dropdown list.
  • In the above calculator, enter the cylinder’s height and radius or diameter in the appropriate fields.
  • The calculator will display the volume of a cylindrical object based on the dimensions entered.

Cylinder Volume Formula

A simple formula can be used to calculate the volume of a cylinder. Using the formula below, we can calculate the volume of a cylinder using the radius (r) and height (h) of the cylinder.

cylinder volume calculator formula

How to Calculate the Volume of a Cylinder

We’re all familiar with cylindrical items. We learned about them in geometry class in school. Even in our daily lives, we see or employ cylindrical objects.

Cylindrical objects include everything from tree trunks to straws, pipelines to glass. There are two types of cylinders: one is a right cylinder, as shown in the image above, and the other is a hollow cylinder, as seen in the image below.

hollow cylinder volume calculator
hollow cylinder

We know how to compute the volume of a normal right cylinder using a formula. However, what is the formula for calculating the volume of a hollow cylinder?

Don’t worry, we’ll answer all of your queries.

The formula for calculating the volume of a hollow cylinder differs slightly. To calculate the volume of a hollow cylinder, apply the formula below.

hollow cylinder volume calculator

In the formula above, ‘h’ indicates the hollow cylinder’s height, while ‘D’ and ‘d’ represent the hollow cylinder’s outer and inner diameters, respectively.

You may simply calculate the volume of both right and hollow cylindrical objects or shapes using the formulas.

We’ve provided some examples below to help you grasp the concept of determining the volume of a cylinder.


1. Calculate the volume of a cylindrical water tank with a 2 metre base radius and a 1.5 metre height.

Solution :

Radius of water tank (r) = 2 m
Height of the water tank (h) = 1.5 m

Using the cylinder volume formula,

Volume = πr²h
Volume = 3.141592654 x 22 x 1.5
Volume = 18.8495559 cu.m

The volume of the cylindrical water tank is 18.8495559 cubic meters.


2. Calculate the volume of a hollow cylinder with a 12 inch inner diameter, a 20 inch outer diameter, and a height of 15 inches.

Solution :

Height of hollow cylinder (h) = 15 inches
Outer diameter of hollow cylinder (D) = 20 inches
Inner diameter of hollow cylinder (d) = 12 inches

Using the hollow cylinder volume formula,

Volume = (π/4) x h x (D² – d²)
Volume = (3.141592654/4) x 15 x (202 – 122)
Volume = 0.78539816 x 15 x 256
Volume = 3015.92893 cu.in

The volume of the hollow cylinder is 3015.92893 cubic inches.