Calculate Liquid Volume By Mass and Density

Do you need to calculate the volume of a liquid using its mass and density? This liquid volume calculator tool can do it for you easily.

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Liquid volume refers to the amount of space occupied by a liquid substance in a container. It’s measured in units like liters or gallons, indicating how much liquid fits into a particular space.

Why Do We Need to Measure Liquid Volume?

Measuring liquid volume is important for many reasons across different fields and everyday activities. Here’s why we need to measure liquid volume:

Cooking and Baking: Recipes require precise measurements of liquids to ensure the right taste and texture. Measuring liquid ingredients helps achieve consistent results each time a dish is prepared.

Science and Laboratory Work: Many scientific experiments need accurate liquid volumes to ensure correct chemical reactions and results. Proper dosing of liquid medicines is crucial for safety and effectiveness.

Daily Life: Knowing the volume of liquids helps track daily water intake and nutritional information. Activities like mixing cleaning solutions or filling a car’s fuel tank require measuring liquid volumes.

Commerce and Trade: In commerce, measuring liquid volumes ensures that customers receive the correct quantity of products like fuel, milk, and beverages. Accurate volume measurements are important for packaging liquids to avoid spillage and ensure proper labeling.

How to Use Liquid Volume Calculator

  • To use the liquid volume calculator, you need to know the mass and density of the liquid.
  • Input these data into the calculator in the respective units.
  • Once you input the values, the calculator will automatically display the liquid volume.

What is the Formula to Calculate Liquid Volume?

Liquid volume can be calculated with the hep of mass and density of any liquid using below formula:

liquid volume calculator formula

How to Calculate Liquid Volume in Regularly Shaped Containers?

Liquid volume can be calculated in various ways, depending on the conditions. In school, cylindrical glass beakers were commonly used in chemistry labs for experiments. They are one of the simplest instruments for measuring liquid volume. However, there are many other different shaped containers in which liquid volume can be measure.

For regular-shaped containers like cylinders, cubes, spheres, etc., you can directly use formulas to calculate the volume of liquid. Below are the different formulas for different shapes:

  • Cube = a3
  • Cylinder = πr2h
  • Sphere = (4⁄3)πr3
  • Right Circular Cone = (1⁄3)πr2h
  • Rectangular Solid = l × w × h

What are the Standard Measuring Units of Liquid Volume?

Here are the standard units of measurement for liquid volume:

  • Liter (L)
  • Milliliter (mL)
  • Gallon (gal)
  • Quart (qt)
  • Pint (pt)
  • Fluid Ounce (fl oz)