Px to Pt Converter

Using this px to pt converter calculator, you can simply convert any pixels value to points value.

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A pixel, pel or picture element is the smallest controllable element of a picture portrayed on the screen in digital imaging. It is the smallest addressable element in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device.


Points are the most common unit of measurement in print for indicating type size as well as the space between lines, often known as line spacing or leading. Points are sometimes used to determine the width and depth of a column. Typographers and typesetters have usually described a type setting as 12/16, which indicates 12 point type with 16 point leading.

Px to Pt Converter Use

  • This calculator is simple and quick to use.
  • To begin, input the pixel value you need to convert in the empty field
  • The converter will display the converted value in point value throughout the rest of the process.

Formula to Convert Px to Pt

The formula to convert pixels value into point Value is mentioned below:

pixel to point formula

For Example,

1. Convert pixel value 28 into point value.

The get the result multiply the pixels value by 0.75, 28*0.75 = 21 pt.

Pixel ↔︎ Point Conversion Table

Pixel (px)Point (pt)
1px0.75 pt
2px1.5 pt
3px2.25 pt
4px3 pt
5px3.75 pt
6px4.5 pt
7px5.25 pt
8px6 pt
9px6.75 pt
10px7.5 pt
11px8.25 pt
12px9 pt
13px9.75 pt
14px10.5 pt
15px11.25 pt
16px12 pt
17px12.75 pt
18px13.5 pt
20px15 pt
22px16.5 pt
23px17.25 pt
24px18 pt
25px18.75 pt
Pixel (px) Point (pt)
26px19.5 pt
27px20.25 pt
28px21 pt
29px21.75 pt
30px22.5 pt
31px23.25 pt
32px24 pt
33px24.75 pt
34px25.5 pt
35px26.25 pt
36px27 pt
37px27.75 pt
38px28.5 pt
39px29.25 pt
40px30 pt
41px30.75 pt
42px31.5 pt
43px32.25 pt
44px33 pt
45px33.75 pt
46px34.5 pt
47px35.25 pt
48px36 pt
49px36.75 pt
50px37.5 pt