Length Conversion Calculator

This length conversion calculator can easily convert the length value from one measuring unit to other. It can convert between 12 different length units.

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The shortest distance between the end points of a line segment, which is part of a straight line, is its length. A line has only one dimension, but area is a quantity that includes both length and width, with length usually being greater than width.

length conversion diagram

The metre is the most used unit for measuring length. A ruler or tape measure is used to measure the length of a straight line segment. A curved line’s length can be determined by placing a piece of string along it and measuring the length with a ruler or a flexible tape measure.

Calculator Use

  • You can convert the length between 12 different measuring units.
  • Enter the length value you want of convert in the first field.
  • Next, choose the length unit you want to convert from the drop-down menu.
  • The calculator will display the converted value in 12 different measuring units of length.

Imperial System & Metric System of Units

Imperial unit system is based on the yard as a unit of length and the pound as a measure of weight. The most common length units falls in this system are the inch, foot, yard, and mile.

The metre (m), the litre (l), and the gram (g) are the most popular metric units for measuring length, capacity, and mass (g). Other metric units related to metre, litre, and gram are formed using the prefixes milli (division by 1000), kilo (multiplication by 1000)  and one of the most common is centi (division by 100).

Length Conversion Table

The conversion factors for the most popular length units are shown in the table below.

length conversion table

How to Convert Length Between Different Units

Length conversion between different measurement units is very simple. Just find the right conversion number and multiply it by the number which you want to convert. Below we will see 2 simple examples which could clear this concept.

Explaination with Example

We will explain you how to convert length between two measurement units with simple examples.

Example 1 : Convert 25 centimeter to feet

Solution :

We know that,

1 cm = 0.03281 feet
25 cm = ? ft

Just multiply 25 with 0.03281
25 x 0.03281 = 0.8201 feet

Example 2 : Convert 21 kilometer to mile.

Solution :

We know that,

1 km = 0.62137 mi
21 km = ? mi

Just multiply 21 with 0.62137
21 x 0.62137 = 13.0488 mile