Square Calculator (a²) | Find the Square of Number

This square calculator can easily calculate the squared value of given number. Enter the value to be squared whether an integer or a decimal, and the calculator will calculate the squared value.

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This is the set of integers that are the natural numbers’ squares. When we square a number, we multiply it by itself.

For example : 32 = 3 x 3 = 9

Natural Number (a)12345678
Squared Number (a2)1491625364964

Calculator Use

  • In the first field of the above calculator, enter the number you want to square.
  • The squared value of the entered number will be displayed in the second field.

Formula to Square a Number

The basic formula to square a number is very simple and is mentioned below.

square calculator formula

How to Square a Negative Number

The value will be the same whether you square a positive or negative number. Because two negative numbers are multiplied together, the square of negative number will be positive.

For example,

Square of negative number : (-72) = -7 x -7 = 49
Square of positive number : (72) = 7 x 7 = 49

Square of 1 – 25

Below table demonstrates the squared values of numbers 1 to 25.

Number (a)Squared Value (a2)
Square of 11
Square of 24
Square of 39
Square of 416
Square of 525
Square of 636
Square of 749
Square of 864
Square of 981
Square of 10100
Square of 11121
Square of 12144
Square of 13169
Square of 14196
Square of 15225
Square of 16256
Square of 17289
Square of 18324
Square of 19361
Square of 20400
Square of 21441
Square of 22484
Square of 23529
Square of 24576
Square of 25625