Cube Calculator (a^3) | Find the Cube of a Number

This cube calculator can easily calculate the cubed value of given number. Enter the value to be cubed, whether an integer or a decimal, and the calculator will calculate the cubed value.

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Cubing a number means multiplying the number itself by three times.

For example : 83 = 8 x 8 x 8 = 512

Counting Numbers (a)12345678
Cube Number (a3)182764125216343512

Calculator Use

  • In the first field of the above calculator, enter the number you want to cube.
  • The cubed value of the entered number will be displayed in the second field.

Formula to Cube a Number

The basic formula to cube a number is very simple and is mentioned below.

cube calculator formula

How to Cube a Negative Number

The method of cubing a negative number is the same as squaring a number. A number is cubed when it is multiplied three times by itself. A positive number’s cube will always be positive, while a negative number’s cube will always be negative.

For example,

Cube of negative number : (-33) = -3 x -3 x -3 = -27
Cube of positive number : (33) = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27

Cube of 1 – 25

Below table demonstrates the cubed values of numbers 1 to 25.

Number (a)Cubed Value (a3)
Cube of 11
Cube of 28
Cube of 327
Cube of 464
Cube of 5125
Cube of 6216
Cube of 7343
Cube of 8512
Cube of 9729
Cube of 101000
Cube of 111331
Cube of 121728
Cube of 132197
Cube of 142744
Cube of 153375
Cube of 164096
Cube of 174913
Cube of 185832
Cube of 196859
Cube of 208000
Cube of 219261
Cube of 2210648
Cube of 2316928
Cube of 2413824
Cube of 2515625