Modulo Calculator

This modulo calculator can easily calculate the mod value of given integers. Just enter the integers in the respective fields below.

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We obtain two values when we divide two numbers. One value is the quotient, and the other is the remainder. Modulo is the name given to the remainder value. This mathematical operation is abbreviated as ‘mod’.

For example : 8 mod 3 = 2 (remainder)

Calculator Use

  • In the ‘a’ field, enter the dividend value, and in the ‘b’ field, enter the divisor value.
  • Then, press the calculate button, and the calculator will display the mod value automatically.
  • If you want to compute the mod for different numbers, simply press the reset button, and the calculator will erase all prior data.

How to Find Modulo of Number

Finding the modulo of a number is a simple process. However, there is a catch: you can’t merely use a calculator to calculate the modulo of a number because dividing integers on a calculator won’t give you the correct remainder value. To determine the mod value, you must divide the integers manually on paper.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will show you how to find the modulo value using the long division approach. We’ll demonstrate this with easy examples.

Example 1 : 26 mod 3

Solution :

From the given example,

dividend = 26
divisor = 3

If you directly divide these integers (26/3) using a calculator you will get the value 8.67, but this is not the mod value. We have to divide these integers using long division method.

Place the dividend inside the bracket and divisor outside the bracket.

26 is not directly divided by 3. We can reach to the nearest value i.e 24 and we get this value by multiplying 3 to 8 i.e 3 x 8 =24.

Now next step is to subtract 24 from 26 to get the remainder value. We get the remainder value as 2.

Final Result : 8 mod 3 = 2

Example 2 : 346 mod 4

In this example,

dividend = 346
divisor = 4

Solving using long division method, we get the remainder value as 2.

Hence, 346 mod 4 = 2