Absolute Value Calculator

This absolute value calculator can determine the absolute value of any number, from negative to positive, and from integers to decimals.

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The absolute value of a number is the distance measured along the number line from the origin 0. The absolute value of 4 at point B in the following figure is the distance of point B from 0, which is 4.

Similarly,  the absolute value of -4 at point A is the distance between point A and zero, which is likewise 4.

absolute value calculator

The absolute value of a number is represented by two vertical parallel lines drawn around it. The absolute value of 4 at point B is represented as :

| point B – point 0 | = | 4 – 0 | = | 4 | = 4

The same can be said about point A. Absolute value of -4 at point A is represented as,

| point A – point 0 | = | -4 – 0 | = | -4 | = 4

Absolute Value Calculator Use

  • This online calculator is incredibly easy to use.
  • In the first field, type the number or value for which you want to calculate the absolute value.
  • In the second field, the calculator will process the date and display the absolute value of the entered value.

How to Find Absolute Value of Number

You may believe that determining the absolute value of a number is a simple task, and you are correct; however, what if you are asked to determine the absolute value of an expression (for example, |(-8*5) + 3 – 2| ). You must be perplexed now that you’ve seen an expression. But there’s no need to be nervous because we’re here. We’ll show you how to calculate the absolute value of these expressions by simplifying them.


1. Simplify the expression and find the absolute value : |(-8*5) + 3 – 2|

Solution :

We have the expression = |(-8*5) + 3 – 2|

First try to make it shorter. We should first simplify the values in the bracket, (-8*5) = (-40)

Now the expression becomes, |-40+3-2|

Lets simplify this expression,

= |-40+3-2|
= |-40+1|
= |-39|
= 39

The final answer we get is 39.


2. Simplify the expression :

Solution :

First step is to make the expression smaller by solving the brackets.

We get,

Now solve for the absolute value and make it a simple expression,

We get,

The final answer is 17/36

If you wish to simplify the fraction and convert it to decimal, you can use our fraction to decimal converter calculator to accomplish so.

After converting the fraction value into a decimal the final answer will be 0.472.