Exponent Calculator

You may use this exponent calculator to find the value of any base to the power of any number.

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It is easier to express a number or an expression in exponent form when it is multiplied by itself numerous times. 64, for example, is written as 43 and equals (4 * 4 * 4). The exponent form of (4 * 4 * 4) is called 43, and its value is 64. When 43 replaces 64, we say the base is 4 and the exponent is 3. Exponent is also known as index. Indices is the plural form of index.

The number of times the base is multiplied by itself is the power. In Example 43, we state that 64 is the third power of 4, or that 64 is 4 to the power of 3. For powers of two and three, special designations are used. For instance, 62 equals six squared or six to the power 2, and 63 equals six cubed or six to the power 3.

Calculator Use

  • This calculator is easy to use and quick.
  • Simply input the base and exponent values in the appropriate fields of the above calculator.
  • The calculator will display the outcome of the entered base to power conversion.