Nth Root Calculator

This basic nth root calculator can easily calculate the nth root of any number you wish within a fraction of a second.

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The nth root (n) of a number (x), also known as the general root, is a number that, when multiplied by itself n times, yields the number (x)

How to Use Nth Root Calculator?

  • Finding the nth root of any number is easy with the help of this nth root calculator.
  • The calculator simply requires the number you wish to find the nth root of, and the nth root value to display the results right away.

How is Nth Root Calculated?

Without a calculator, it might be difficult to find a nth root of a number. If the numbers are big, doing this could take you minutes or hours. Therefore, in order to save time, we advise using the nth root calculator above.

Continue reading if you still want to understand how to manually find the nth root of a number.


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2. Finding the cube root?

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