Volume of Cube Calculator

This cube volume calculator makes it simple to calculate the volume of cube-shaped objects. Find the formula for determining cube volume below.

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A cube is one of the five Platonic solids. It’s also known as a regular hexahedron, a solid with six identical plane faces. It has square faces that are all the same size and meet at right angles.

cube volume calculator shape

In the above cube figure, ‘arrows’ represent the side length. Length of all the sides is similar in cubical figure.

Volume of Cube Calculator Use

  • It’s quite easy to use this cube volume calculator.
  • Simply input the length of one of the cube’s sides in the appropriate field to calculate the volume.
  • The calculator will calculate the volume of the cube based on the entered value.

Cube Volume Formula

A simple formula can be used to calculate the volume of a cube. Using the formula below, you can calculate the volume of a cube.

cube volume calculator formula

How to Find the Volume of Cube

Finding the volume of a cube is a simple process. Because the side lengths of cubical objects are identical, you will only need one side length of the cube to find its volume using the above-mentioned cube volume formula.

We’ve included some solved examples below to help you tackle the cube volume problems quickly.


1. Calculate the volume of a Rubik’s cube with a side length of 6 cm using the volume of a cube formula.

rubik's cube volume

Solution :

Side length of rubik’s cube = 6 cm

Using the cube volume formula,

Volume = (side length)3
Volume = (6)3
Volume = 6 x 6 x 6
Volume = 216 cm3

The volume of a Rubik’s Cube is 216 cubic centimeters.


2. What is the volume of a cubical object with 15-inch-long sides?

Solution :

side length = 15 in

Using the cube volume formula,

Volume = (side length)3
Volume = (15)3
Volume = 15 x 15 x 15
Volume = 3375 in3

The volume of a cube object is 3375 cubic inches.