Percentage Change Calculator

Using this simple percentage change calculator, you can compute the percentage change between two values.

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A percentage change is a basic notion that is frequently used in finance to indicate a security’s price change over time. The formula for calculating percentage change is simple to remember and may be applied to a wide range of rate-of-change circumstances. A positive or negative percentage change can occur.

Calculator Use

  • This calculator is easy to use and quick.
  • To begin, enter the initial/ first value in the first box.
  • Then, in the second box, enter the final/ second value.
  • Throughout the rest of the procedure, the calculator will display the percentage change value and the difference between two values.

Formula to Calculate Percentage Change

The formula to calculate the percentage change is mentioned below.

percentage change formula

The following example explains the concept of a % change.

If you’ve ever seen the price of a stock or other security rise or fall by a certain percentage, you might be curious as to how that figure was arrived at. The price one period later is multiplied by the same number that was deducted from or added to the first period to compute the percentage change.

For example, if something increases in value from $95 to $110, it has increased by 15.8 percent.

% Change = {(110 – 95)/ 95}*100 = 15.8%
% Change = 15.8%