Percentage Difference Calculator

Using this percentage difference calculator, you can compute the percentage difference between any two numbers.

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Scientists may have a desire to compare their findings to those of others or to a theoretically generated prediction at times. Each of these comparisons necessitates a distinct form of analysis, such as percent difference and percent error.

When comparing two experimental quantities, first and second values, none of which can be deemed the “right” value, this method is used. The absolute value of the difference over the mean multiplied by 100 is called as percent difference.

Calculator Use

  • This calculator is easy to use and quick.
  • To begin, enter the first value in the first box.
  • Then, in the second box, enter the second value.
  • Throughout the rest of the procedure, the calculator will display the percentage difference (%) of two values.

Formula to Calculate Percentage Difference

The formula to calculate the percentage difference is mentioned below.

The following example explains the concept of a % difference.

Calculate the difference in percentages between 25 and 15.

Solution :

  • Let’s start with the assumption that a = 26 and b = 15.
  • To begin, calculate the difference between two numbers, such as a – b = 26 – 15 = 11.
  • Next Calculate the sum of two numbers: (a + b) = (26 + 15) = 41.
  • Fill in the values in the formula now.

∴ % difference = ( |11| / 41*0.5 ) * 100 = 53.6585% difference