Revenue Calculator

Using this revenue calculator, you can quickly determine the total revenue generated by selling a specific number of goods or items at a specific price. This revenue calculator can be extremely beneficial to shop owners and business owners.

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In simple terms, revenue is the total amount or income made by selling the total quantity of goods/products or items.

How to Use the Revenue Calculator?

  • The technique of using the revenue calculator is quite easy.
  • To calculate the revenue, all you need is the selling price and the number of goods/ items sold.
  • Simply enter the necessary information in the aforementioned fields, and the calculator will determine the revenue for all of the items or goods sold.

Formula to Calculate Revenue

The following formula is used to determine the total amount of revenue made from selling goods or items.

revenue calculator formula

How to Calculate the Revenue (step by step with solved examples)

One of the simplest math problems is calculating the revenue from the total amount of products or items sold. There is no need to explain how to compute the sales revenue if you are a business owner.

We are here to assist newcomers who have recently entered the business world and are willing to determine the income of their goods/items on their own.

Below, we’ve solved a few real-world issues so you can quickly grasp the idea of determining revenue and perform it manually on your own.

If you have a large number of items, we advise using the revenue calculator mentioned above, which will simplify your work and give you more time to focus on your business.


1. On Christmas, the owner of an apparel store sold 20 shirts for $20 each. Determine the total revenue value for that specific day.

Solution :

Quantity of shirts sold = 20 pieces
Selling Price of each shirt = $20

Using the revenue formula,

Revenue = Price × Quantity
Revenue = 20 × 20
Revenue = $400

The revenue generated on christmas day is $400.


2. On the eve of the new year, a cake shop owner sold 15 chocolate cakes for $10 each and 17 mixed fruit cakes for $12 each. Find the day’s total revenue.


Quantity of chocolate cakes sold = 15 nos.
Price of a chocolate cake = $10
Quantity of mixed fruit cakes sold = 17 nos.
Price of a mixed fruit cake = $12

We will determine the revenue for chocolate and mixed fruit cakes separately, then add the results to determine the overall revenue.

Using the revenue formula,

(for chocolate cakes)

Revenue = Price × Quantity
Revenue = 10 × 15
Revenue = $150

(for mixed fruit cakes)

Revenue = Price × Quantity
Revenue = 12 × 17
Revenue = $204

Total Revenue = 150 + 204
Total revenue = $354

The revenue generated on new year eve is $354.