Subtract Percentage Calculator

You may subtract any percentage value from any number with the help of this subtract percentage calculator.

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There are instances in our daily lives when we need to subtract a percentage value from a number. This scenario occurs while shopping, calculating the entire value of a goods after deducting the tax percentage, and so on.

To tackle these challenges, we created this subtraction percentage calculator. After subtracting the desired percentage from a given number, you can simply find the final result.

Subtract Percentage Calculator Use

  • This online calculator is extremely user-friendly.
  • In the first field, type the desired number from which the percentage value will be subtracted.
  • Enter the percentage value you want to subtract in the second field.
  • Based on the entered inputs, the calculator will display the final value.

Subtract Percentage Formula

You can use the following formula to compute the final value after deducting the percentage value from a number.

subtract percentage calculator formula

How to Subtract a Percentage from a Number

The steps for subtracting a percentage from a number or price are the same as for adding a percentage to a number. Even though the formula for adding and subtracting a percentage from a number is the same. The ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ signs are the only things that change. Even if you are unsure about how to complete the computation, we have some solved examples for you that will undoubtedly clear up all of your questions.

Example :

1. A Christmas sale was organized in a retail mall. The Cinderella garment was priced at $50 in the clothing section, with an 8% Christmas sale discount available. What will the final price of the Cinderella dress be after the discount is applied?

Solution :

Price of the Dress (initial value) = 50$
Discount on Dress (% of initial value) = 8%
Discounted Price of Dress (final value) = ?

If you put the given values directly into the calculator, you will get the discounted price of dress as 46$. But as promised, we will simplify all the steps in calculating the final amount.

You can use the above subtract percentage formula to find the final value of the dress.

Final Value = Initial Value – [(Initial Value/100)* % value]
Final Value = 50 – [(50/100)*8]
Final Value = 50 – 4
Final Value = 46$

Final Price of the dress after applying 8% discount on 50$ is 46$.

Example :

2. How to subtract 20% from a number.

Solution :

We only know the percent value from the data, so we should assume the number value.

Let us assume initial value = 125
% value =20%

Using the formula,

Final Value = Initial Value – [(Initial Value/100)* % value]
Final Value = 125 – [(125/100)* 20]
Final Value = 125 – 25
Final Value = 100

Subtracting 20% from 125 we get 100.

Example :

3. A tracksuit that costs 800 rupees is labelled “15 percent off” in an apparel store. What is the discount rate? What is the sweatshirt’s selling cost?

Solution :

Tracksuit cost price (initial value) = 800 rupees
Discount percentage = 15%
Discount rate = ?
Selling cost of tracksuit = ?

To find out the discount rate we have to find the 15% of 800.

Discount Rate = (Initial Value/100)* % value
Discount Rate = (800/100)*15
Discount Rate = 120 rupees.

Using the percentage subtraction formula,

Tracksuit Selling Cost = Initial Value – [(Initial Value/100)* % value]
Tracksuit Selling Cost = 800 – [(800/100)*15]
Tracksuit Selling Cost = 800 – 120
Tracksuit Selling Cost = 680 rupees

The discount rate of tracksuit is 120 rupees and the sale price of tracksuit after applying the 15% discount is 680 rupees.