Adding Square Roots Calculator

This adding square roots calculator quickly calculates the sum of two square roots values. This online calculator can quickly add two square roots.


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The square root is a common operation in mathematics. We undo the “squaring” operation when we take the square root of a number. Taking the square root of a number is known as the inverse operation of squaring.

For example, the 62 = 36 and the square root of 36 is 6. The square root of 36 can also be written as ‘√36‘.

How to Use Adding Square Roots Calculator

  • The two square root values can be easily added using this square root addition calculator.
  • To add the two root values, enter the square root values into the calculator’s fields.
  • The calculator will quickly return the results after you enter the two values.

Solved Examples on Square Root Addition

We’ve solved two examples below to demonstrate the concept of adding two square roots. If you want to learn about the various methods for finding the square root of a number, check out our post on, How to Find the Square Root of a Number?


1. Add square roots 16 + 81


It is very simple to add the two square roots. Find the square roots of both numbers and then add them together to get the final answer.

First we will find the square root of 16,

√16 = 4 (4 x 4 = 16).

Similarly, find the square root of 81,

√81 = 9 (9 x 9 = 81).

Now add both the values to get the final answer:

16 + √81
= 4 + 9
= 13


2. Add 144 +225.


To perform the addition of square roots, we will use the same steps as in the first examples.

144 = 12 (12 x 12 =144)
225 = 25 (25 x 25 = 225)

Adding the square root values,

144 + 225
= 12 + 15
= 27